Winchester resident helps community save money with new Money Pages franchise

WINCHESTER, Va. (Feb. 12, 2020) – Residents of Winchester will soon have access to money-saving offers from local businesses thanks to the launch of Money Pages, a direct mail magazine and mobile app focused on saving readers money.

“There’s nothing in the area like Money Pages that’s helping consumers save and local businesses of all sizes grow,” said Adam Kline, franchise owner. “I’m excited to be the one to bring it to the people of Winchester.”

Winchester is the first Virginia city to launch a Money Pages market thanks to Kline.

Starting May 2020, residents will receive a Money Pages magazine mailed monthly to their home full of money-saving offers from local businesses. Offers will also be available on the Money Pages mobile app, available at both Apple and Google Play stores. The app allows residents to access savings at anytime near their location.

Money Pages offers an avenue for business owners to grow through its multimedia agency bringing new marketing choices to Winchester.

“I knew Money Pages was the right fit for me because it allows me to do what I do best – help people in my community succeed,” Kline said.

Kline, originally from neighboring West Virginia, has been a resident of Winchester for nearly two decades. During this time, he’s realized the community’s need for a full-service direct mail and multimedia agency that can help businesses grow and residents save money.

“Adam is going to accomplish great things for the people of Winchester with the opening of his new franchise,” said Alan Worley, founder of Money Pages.

Money Pages magazines are mailed to more than 12 million households annually in 35 markets coast to coast. In addition to its publication, Money Pages is a full-service multimedia company specializing in direct mail, behavioral marketing, branding, and other advertising strategies.

Money Pages is actively seeking to expand in new markets. If you are interested in helping your community save and local businesses grow, contact Danielle Wright, Franchise Development Director at (904) 717-0661 or visit