Money Pages: Write Your Own Pages of Success

If you were offered a minimal overhead franchise opportunity that allowed you to design your own schedule, champion businesses in your community and build relationships within a nationally brand-recognized and supportive infrastructure, wouldn’t you jump on it?

That’s precisely what business partners and friends Morgan Murphy and William Grinnell did when presented with the chance to invest in a Money Pages franchise – a franchise that operates in a $76 billion industry, according to the 2023 Direct Mail Advertising Global Market Report. Currently in the ramp-up phase, the duo’s Valdosta, Georgia, location will officially launch in September.

“I’ve seen the success of Money Pages,” confirmed Grinnell. “They’ve been around for over 20 years, but in just the last five, I’ve seen them grow a lot. Being on the outside looking in, seeing success not only in the company but in the community, it’s been really cool to see that.”

“From the moment I looked them up, I was interested because, frankly, there’s nothing like that product in this area, and it’s something new and exciting that we can bring to the people of our locale,” Murphy added.

Money Pages boasts a legacy of success that began with Founder and CEO Alan Worley’s vision to help businesses explode in growth while helping consumers save money. As the consummate multimedia agency, Money Pages utilizes a compelling mix of magazine publishing, direct mail, digital marketing and branding.

Worley has assembled a corporate team of more than 50 industry experts who support the development of every new market and will cement Money Pages’ successful future. Grinnell and Murphy have already felt the tremendous backing of the team in the first month of their in-market campaign.

“In those four weeks, they’ve already sent Chris Sexton, the vice president of franchising, and Marie Moon, the director of franchise development, into our market. They’ve each been with us here in Valdosta helping us connect with local business owners, showing us the ropes on best practices and positioning us to be a marketing leader in Valdosta,” said Grinnell. Though Grinnell and Murphy hail from a sales background (they co-own and operate an insurance agency), that personalized attention resulted in confidence and success in a brand-new market.

“They both came to market for a whole week, stayed here and got to know everybody in the area. Not only that, but the backend support anytime we need anything, there are at least five other points of contact that will respond in a timely manner if we need it,” Grinnell said.

The young entrepreneurs can’t wait to support and grow local businesses in a stable and proven organization that saw an astounding 30% growth in the last recession.

“We are young, we hustle and this is something we’re excited to do on the day-to-day. We’re really passionate about helping our local business owners and getting to know them. It’s as much about them as it is about us for this endeavor,” Grinnell said.