Money Pages Starts Franchising

You know that magazine you get in your mailbox once a month with the coupons and event details? It’s expanding. Money Pages of Florida Inc. is now selling franchises.

President and CEO Alan Worley gave me a call today to share the news, and he’s pretty excited. He sold his first franchise in March to Don Grindle in Ormond Beach. Franchises cost $25,000.

The Money Pages of Ormond Beach published its first edition in June and with a big success Worley said, exceeding its minimum page count requirement.

The push to franchise has been a long time coming. Worley said he has been thinking about it for more than seven years, and to finally make jump has been “mind boggling.”

“It’s an unbelievable feeling to realize that the magazine we design in Jacksonville is impacting so many people in so many places,” he said. Worley said the reception from Ormond Beach has been “very neat.” The City of Ormond Beach bought the front cover to promote its Fourth of July festivities.

He started by bringing Chris Sexton down from Greenwood, S.C., five years ago. Now Sexton is the director of franchise development and is in charge of working with individuals interested in owning a magazine in their own market, optimizing the training program and fully supporting franchisees once in operation. He also leads franchising media and public relations campaigns, franchising website and search engine optimization and trade show publicity to market the franchise opportunity.

Worley said they would like to have about 15 franchises spread throughout the Southeast, running between South Carolina and Texas.

He is in the process of talking with other potential franchisees.

Michael Clinton
Web Producer-
Jacksonville Business Journal