Atlanta Small Business Network: How This Franchise Owner Is Helping Local Businesses Acquire More Customers

Kennesaw Money Pages owner Ramona Long detailed how she’s going the extra mile to help local small business owners through the pandemic.

In an interview with Atlanta Small Business Network, Money Pages Kennesaw owner Ramona Long talked about her journey towards franchising with the brand and what excites her the most about being able to work with the leading marketing services franchise.

For Long, a former teacher, the most gratifying part is being there for fellow small business owners. “As a local business owner, it’s really great to be able to partner with other local owners as well, to be able to be that one person,” she said. “So they don’t have to take time out of their day to deal with this person for this and this person for this and this person for this, because we can handle all of that.”

Long also detailed how the business model of Money Pages has managed to thrive throughout the pandemic, and the value of direct mail in a digital world.

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