A Day in the Life of a Money Pages Franchisee

Heather and Ryan Zabinsky wanted flexibility and work-life balance, and they found it in owning a Money Pages franchise.

Heather and Ryan Zabinsky are less than one year into their journey as Money Pages franchisees, and they’re already reaping the benefits. The Fort Mill, South Carolina-based couple grew their Money Pages publication to 32 pages in just their second issue and have since enjoyed sustained growth. Now they have their sights set on expansion across the North Carolina state line, as they have been awarded development rights to all of South Charlotte and are set to launch their next two publications in September 2022.

“When we first started, we were new to Fort Mill and didn’t know anyone,” said Heather. “I was waiting for a magazine like Money Pages to come to our mailbox and we never got one. That’s why we chose Money Pages. There was just so much opportunity for us to serve our community in Fort Mill, and we saw the potential in the Charlotte market, too.”

Money Pages is a multimedia marketing franchise that helps local businesses reach target audiences through direct mail and digital and video marketing. Before moving to Fort Mill, the Zabinskys had previously owned a heating and air conditioning company in Jacksonville, Florida, where they advertised in their local Money Pages publication. So when they left the heating and air conditioning business to start something new, they didn’t have to look far.

“We just kept coming back to Money Pages because we’d used them for over 10 years,” said Heather. “They helped us build our business in Florida and gave us great ROI. We knew their products. We knew their team. So it just seemed like a good fit.”

One of the main things the Zabinskys sought in a new business was flexibility. The demand of being on-call in the heating and air conditioning industry and working late hours had taken its toll on them, and with two young children at home, they wanted a better work-life balance and more control over their schedules. They found all that and more in Money Pages.

A typical day running their Money Pages business is simple, according to Heather. Most of her and Ryan’s time is spent not sitting behind a desk, but out in the community, meeting business owners, learning about their goals and providing solutions through Money Pages’ variety of marketing tools. It’s something they both enjoy, and their experience as business owners and Money Pages clients themselves helps them do it more effectively.

“The backbone of our business is building relationships,” said Heather. “And something that my husband and I provide is that we have used Money Pages personally in our lives, which has enabled us to build trust and rapport with our clients so much faster because we can say, ‘This has worked for us — we want it to work for you.’”


“This is a relationship-building business,” Ryan reiterated. “We are continually finding ways to build rapport with our customers and discover ways to reach new ones. We want local businesses’ advertising dollars to work in their favor, and we’re here to make that happen with Money Pages. We spend our days getting to know our customers one-on-one. Not many other marketing publications can say that.”

What allows the Zabinskys to spend the bulk of their time out in the community doing what they love is the level of support they get from Money Pages’ corporate office — not just as franchisees, but as publishers.

“We fully manage all of the logistics,” said Chris Sexton, vice president of franchising for Money Pages. “We secure the paper, we have a network of national printers, we have a managed relationship with dedicated support from the USPS. Franchisees don’t have to worry about putting those pieces together. We want the franchisees’ focus to be on their local communities and best serving their clients.”

With Money Pages, the Zabinskys have achieved their business goals while also achieving the work-life balance they so desired. Evenings are spent not making house calls, but running kids to and from sports or spending time together at home.

“My husband’s home every night for dinner,” said Heather.  “He went on a family vacation with us. I think that’s the biggest thing that I like with this franchise — the freedom it provides our family.”

The ability to focus on their family while running a successful business has given the Zabinskys everything they’d hoped for. But the opportunity to grow that business while doing something they truly enjoy has given them even more.

“Some of my clients have become friends, which is great,” said Heather. “That’s just building relationships. We’re here to help businesses meet their goals and get a good return on their investment — because advertising shouldn’t cost you money. In the long run, it should make you money. And to be able to help people do that while doing something we love? It’s really everything we could have hoped for.”


For more information on franchising with Money Pages, visit: https://moneypagesfranchising.com/.


About Money Pages Franchising

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