The Vision

Alan Worley brings over 20 years’ experience in the media industry helping businesses tell their stories. He launched Money Pages in Jacksonville, Florida, in 2001 with a desire to provide affordable marketing to local businesses. Money Pages has now grown to serve more than 13 million households per year.

His vision has transformed the company into a full multimedia agency reaching consumers at home and on screen using the latest digital products. Alan remains heavily involved in day-to-day operations ensuring the vision for the future of Money Pages is carried out.

Alan’s focus today is providing motivated entrepreneurs with local ownership opportunities in markets throughout the country. The Money Pages franchising models he’s pioneered offer two unique and rewarding paths to business ownership. He’s assembled a team of more than 50 industry professionals at headquarters who provide their expertise to support the development of every new market.

When you pair our team with this continuously growing industry that provides recurring revenue, you get a franchise model you can believe in.

Founder Alan Worley

Award-winning franchise opportunity

Money Pages has been recognized as a top franchise opportunity by some of the most trusted names in the industry. Money Pages has been named #1 in Advertising Services in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for 2022.

Money Pages
Investment Opportunity

Building Communities

Money Pages is a multi-media franchise brand that helps local businesses reach their target audiences through direct mail, digital services and its flagship product, the Money Pages magazine.

Money Pages’ innovative marketing model offers small businesses the opportunity to achieve outsized advertising efforts on small budgets, and businesses across the country are increasingly eager to take advantage of that model. Money Pages experienced record growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, expanding its circulation to more than 13 million households annually, and distribution is growing every quarter.

Turn-Key Integrated Marketing Franchise

Money Pages offers franchisees an entryway into the direct mail industry — a segment expected to reach $87.93 billion by 2028. The franchise model is truly comprehensive, providing franchisees with everything they need to dominate their market and provide best-in-class service for their clients.

Money Page’s operational model has been tested, refined and proven over two decades. Franchisees benefit from low start-up costs, minimal overhead and no brick-and-mortar shop to maintain, allowing them to hit the ground running and quickly find a return on their investment.

Why This Industry?

The direct mail industry is one of the most stable and proven segments in marketing, and it continues to grow. As the rise in remote work sees professionals spending more time at home, the mailbox has become a critical resource, and direct mail allows smaller companies to put their marketing materials directly in the hands of captive audiences.

Over $80 billion

The direct mail industry is expected to reach $87.93 billion by 2028.

strength in all economic

The direct mail industry has thrived for decades, largely unaffected by the ups and downs of the broader economic climate.

Trackable results —
guaranteed distribution

Unlike digital marketing, which relies on assumptions about how audiences are receiving and engaging with marketing, direct mail allows for tangible tracking and assured distribution.


Direct mail also acts as an effective complement to digital marketing efforts, prompting and directing consumers to businesses’ social media channels and websites.


Direct mail uses paper, ink and creative design to create an immediate and tangible experience for consumers that can’t be achieved through digital, radio or television advertising.


Direct mail is inexpensive to produce and requires no brick-and-mortar storefront and minimal staffing.

Elevated Focus
On The Mailbox

Captive Audiences
Spend Time At Home

Prime Territories

Rapidly Growing

More than 20 Years
of Experience

A Proven
Business Model

Alan Worley

CEO & Founder

Chris Sexton

Vice President of Franchising

Darby Addison

Chief Financial Officer

Marie Moon

Director of Franchise Development

Dave Sliman

Vice President of Franchise Sales

Monica O'Connor

Print Production Manager

Mindy Gibson

Franchise Support Manager

Alberta Hanna

Art Director

Chase Smith

Graphic Designer

Moriah Lockhart

Graphic Designer

Lindsay Elwell

Graphic Designer

Dakota Penland

Graphic Designer

Nicole Miller

Graphic Designer

Maranda Heykens

Graphic Designer

  • Franchise fee $50,000 - $100,000
  • Net worth $250,000
  • Liquid capital $100,000
  • Investment $109,700 - $240,500


Money Pages is proud to support some of the most talented, passionate and successful owners in franchising.

Cobb County, GA

Ramona Long

“We wanted something we could do that wouldn’t require high overhead costs and a physical location. Money Pages doesn’t require a brick-and-mortar store or a lot of staff upfront, which means a faster ramp-up, a proven business model and a more attractive work-life balance. A lot of that has to do with the support and training we’ve received from corporate as well. We also really liked that Money Pages offered scalability and multiple streams of revenue. Most other franchises didn’t offer that.”

Cobb County, GA

Brian Long

“We researched several different concepts — restaurants, senior services — everything under the sun. We chose Money Pages because it gave us the flexibility to work from home, with a low investment and a community-oriented culture. We love helping people, and Money Pages offered a great plan in that regard."

Ft Mill, SC and Charlotte, NC

Heather Zabinksky

“Money Pages has a proven system that we believe in. We believe in the marketing, we believe in what the publication can do for local communities, and we believe in the power of our team.”

Volusia County, FL

Walker Grindle

"We're really showing our local community that there are lots to do in your area and ways to save money."

Volusia County, FL

Don Grindle

"Launching Money Pages was the best decision I’ve ever made."

Chattanooga, TN

Jason Richardson

"It was a turnkey effort and making sure
that my business was going to be
successful out of the gate."

Valdosta, GA

Will Grinnell

"This is something I’m excited to do every day. I’m passionate about helping local business owners."

Valdosta, GA

Morgan Murphy

"Money Pages is a new and exciting product for our community."

Treasure Coast, FL

David Hall

"My experience in coming to my decision to purchase a Money Pages franchise in the Florida Treasure Coast area could not have been better. The entire process was organized, thoughtful, and well-orchestrated. I felt like I had all the information I needed as I traveled through my decision process. At all times I felt well cared for and wanted, but never pressured. And it did not stop there – once I signed on, the ongoing support has been phenomenal. My success is just as important to my Money Pages franchisor partners as it is to me."

Franchise Consultant

Bruce Krebs

"They truly care about the successes of their franchise owners."

Franchise Consultant

Leslie Kuban

"Money Pages has really been wonderful to work with. It's very clear that they have their franchise owners’ best interests at heart and they want people to be successful."

Franchise Consultant

Gus Iurillo

"I think the future for Money Pages is bright. It's a relatively low startup cost low overhead investment that can scale to pretty considerable
heights. It is right in the sweet spot of where I like
to direct my clients."

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