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Money Pages Franchise Process

Our process starts by contacting our Franchise team by clicking on the Submit My Interest button or calling us at (855) 8-MONEYPAGES | (855) 866-6397. We will get to know each other through a brief phone conversation. We will learn more about your goals for business ownership and business background, provide an overview of our system, and answer any questions you may have.You will then receive a Franchise Pak with copies of our materials and an overview brochure. We will talk about a week later and if it looks like there could be a fit, you will be invited to submit an online application for a Money Pages franchise. After reviewing a qualified application, you will then be eligible to receive our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Once you have received and reviewed our FDD, we will talk again to answer any questions you may have about the model. While you are doing this, we will contact the references in your application and you will be asked to complete a brief personality assessment.

If there continues to be a mutually agreeable fit, you will be invited to a Discovery Day at our corporate offices in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a great opportunity to meet the team in person, tour the office, speak with members of the franchise program, and get all of your questions answered. This is about a 4-5 hour process.

We will then discuss details of your market, including proposed zones and demographics. You will also have an extensive opportunity to do a financial assessment on the model and even speak with existing franchise owners about their experiences with Money Pages.Corporate will conduct an in market visit to your proposed mailing area with you to provide an opportunity for you to show us your local market and introduce us to key businesses that will be part of your program. If all is in line, there will be some final administrative work to be completed to finalize your application and interest in a franchise.

Candidates that successfully complete each of these steps may be awarded the opportunity to own a Money Pages franchise. It is an exciting offer for the right candidates and we welcome you to our family. Training is conducted at our corporate headquarters and also in market to support your market launch.

Owning a Money Pages franchise is an exciting opportunity to own an advertising company. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how this could be the right lifestyle business for you.

Money Pages Franchisee Traits

Learn about the characteristics that make a successful Money Pages franchisee. Do these descriptions sound like you? If so, you are looking at the right opportunity because this is what we are looking for!

A Money Pages franchise is about making connections with people, motivating and inspiring them to achieve results. Poise and an engaging, empathetic communication style based on natural warmth and enthusiasm is key to achieve goals.

The Money Pages business involves driving toward results by gaining the commitment and buy-in of others. While the opportunity requires strong initiative and self-direction, results are only achieved with and through people. A sincere appreciation for people and how they are each uniquely motivated is critical. Knowledge and skill in how to successfully influence and persuade others by understanding how their individual needs and motivations link to goals is essential.

This opportunity requires a high degree of selling. The environment is fast paced and results oriented. While there is urgency to goal achievement, responsibility for the achievement of results needs to be shared and effectively delegated when necessary.

A self-confident, extroverted style that can enliven, engage and positively impact individuals and groups is essential. The business has variety of tasks and is dynamic and changing. Because goals and desired results can quickly change, the business requires regularly meeting and pro-actively establishing relationships with new groups. The ability to understand, quickly react and motivate others to adapt to the changing organization environment is a critical key to success. Money Pages is successful when led by a motivated and motivating team builder and developer.

Key Characteristics

Variety of activities
Multiple projects occurring simultaneously
Sense of urgency for goal achievement
Fast-paced environment


People/relationships focus
Team building
Inspire, motivate others, and engage their commitment


Involve others in decision-making process
Cooperative, collaborative decision-making
Must assume responsibility for risk

Communication and Collaboration

Extroverted, warm, enthusiastic, empathetic
Stimulating communicator
Persuasive “selling” style
Collaborative approach

Leadership Style

Leadership based on ability to motivate others
Strong commitment to results

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